vacmaster vp215 reviewThe Ary Vacmaster VP215 is the very best in this series of chamber vacuum sealers from Ary. The price alone tells us that. But is it worth spending all that money? Should you spend that much money on a vacuum sealer? Should you buy the vacmaster 215, or get a lower end model instead? Answering these questions comes down to figuring out if it’s right for you. To determine if this one is the right one, you need to consider the following:

  • Heavy use
    • Are you going to be using it heavily, or plant o use it heavily?
    • Do you want/need something that can handle long periods of vacuum sealing that spans over an hour, or more?
    • Do you want/need something that can be used on a daily basis?
  • Performance
    • Is it important that you get as much air out as possible? In other words, maximum power.
    • Do you want to avoid being limited to what you can and cannot vacuum seal?

This Vacmaster vacuum sealer reviews will answer all those questions to help you determine if it’s the right one for your needs.

VP215 Quick Overview

VP215 Quick Overview





      Ease of use







            • Lots and lots of power.
            • Strong & reliable seals.
            • Built for heavy use.
            • Handles liquids (soups, marinades, etc.) with no problems.
            • Bags are much cheaper than others when purchased in bulk (100+).


            • High cost.

            Heavy Use

            Heavy use is the biggest reason to consider this unit. Find out if you’re considered a heavy user and see what the Vacmaster vp215 has that makes it perfect for heavy users. It’s not all perfect though, so I’ll also let you know about potential issues/inconveniences you might run into.

            Is it for you?

            The vac master vp215 was made with the heavy home user in mind—many small businesses choose to use this model as well. I want to be completely honest with you. If you aren’t a heavy user, or small business then you might be better off buying the vp112 instead. How do you know if you’re a heavy user?

            Here’s a quick checklist. You’re a heavy user–and the 215 is perfect for you–if any of the following applies to you:

            • You like to buy meats in bulk that will last for the month or even longer.
            • You will be vacuum sealing on a daily basis.
            • You like to cook sous vide on a regular basis.
            • You’re a serious fisher and have a lot of fish to store away.
            • You’re a serious hunter and need something reliable to keep your game fresh for long periods of time.
            • You run a small business, need a vacuum sealer, and do not want to spend over 3-5 times more than the price for this unit just for an entry level commercial unit.

            Will the pump overheat from heavy use?

            One major problem many non-commercial vacuum sealers (suction or chamber) seem to have is with heavy use. What do I mean exactly by heavy use? In this case, it means long periods of vacuum sealing on a regular basis. A perfect example would be vacuum sealing bulk quantities of meats for over an hour non-stop. Or you use it every day to:

            • Cook (like sous vide)
            • Prepare meals ahead of time
            • Prepare cooking ingredients ahead of time
            • Save leftovers
            • Save scraps

            In most cases, the pump responsible for taking the air out of the bag is over worked and it overheats. You would have to waste time waiting for the pump to cool down before you can use it again. Not giving it time to cool down can cause the pump to not pull enough air out, or even worse the pump dies on you.

            Does the Vacmaster 215 suffer from the same problem? Does the pump over heat as well? Aiming to be the best of the best, it is built using a superior oil pump. Unlike the inferior dry pumps used by the lower end machines, the oil keeps it running cool. It doesn’t heat up too high and cause unwanted downtime. It also greatly reduces the chances of damage from too much use. It’s kind of like how your car’s engine oil helps keep the engine from overheating when you’re driving it.

            It gets better

            The oil pump in the Vacmaster v215 chamber vacuum sealer not only runs cooler, it also runs way quieter. Your ears and everyone else in the house will definitely appreciate not having to hear the pump run for hours as you vacuum seal enough meat to last for the month.

            Sounds almost too perfect…

            The oil pump in this chamber vac sealer is better than the lower end dry pumps, but it does have a few minor inconveniences. Because the pump uses oil, you will need to change out the oil from time to time. A few times a year is all that is needed. How often depends on heavily you use it. The more you use it, the more often you will need to change out the oil. Don’t let this deter you from this unit though. Spending a few minutes every few months is well worth it for the time you save by not having to wait for the pump to cool down.


            At this price range, you would expect nothing less than near perfect performance. That means you should be able to vacuum seal whatever you want without any problems (food anyways). It should also get it done way faster too. It should also have no problems like handling liquids and moisture like the cheaper suction vacuum sealers.

            No problems with liquids

            Suction vacuum sealers (think FoodSavers) have a very hard time vacuum sealing liquids like soups and marinades. The Vacmaster 215 is not a suction vacuum sealer. It is a chamber vacuum sealer. Big difference. Instead of trying to remove the air from the bag, it seals the chamber the bag sits in and then removes air from the entire chamber.

            Liquids aren’t drawn out of the bag. Pressure in the entire chamber stays the same, so there’s no pressure to press against the bag and force the liquid out. It has no problem with liquids and food with a lot of moisture/liquid.

            These are easily vacuum sealed without a hitch:

            • Soups/stews
            • Marinades
            • Meats
            • Other liquids

            Does it get the air out? Faster?

            The pump that the Vacmaster 215 vacuum sealer uses isn’t just quieter and more resistant to overheating; it is also much more powerful. It’s actually a ¼ HP rotary oil pump. You’ll save yourself some time and avoid having to wait for the pump to struggle to take the air out. The unit is a monster and it quickly takes the air out. If you want power, it’s just about the most powerful chamber vacuum sealer in this price range. The only way to get more power than this is to upgrade to a commercial unit and pay at least 4-5 times the price of this one.


            Being able to suck out all the air quickly is great, but it’s useless if the seal breaks and air can freely enter the bag again. Which leads us to one of the most important questions you should be asking when shopping for a vacuum sealer. Is the seal going to be reliable? You want a seal that will not break later on and ruin everything.

            If the seal does fail, you’ll have wasted your time vacuum sealing and maybe even end up wasting the food you wanted to save for later. If you catch it early then you may be able to save it. If you catch it too late, then you end up with freezer burned food. And we both know the only way to save freezer burned food is to toss it in the trash.

            Fortunately, the vp215 make doubles seals on every single bag. The extra wide seal bar actually has two sealing wires in it. The sealing wires are actually what heats up and seals the bag. Double seals are great and they can literally be a food saver. If one seal breaks, then you’ll still have the second to protect your food from freezer burn.

            The reliability of the seal is twice as reliable as a lower end machine that only does single seals.


            Is the Ary Vacmaster VP215 the right chamber vacuum sealer for you? If you are a heavy home user, or plan to use it for a small business then it is definitely what you need to get. In fact, heavy use is about the only reason why you should choose this unit. If you aren’t either of them then save yourself some money and consider other options, or get a more suitable machine like the 115. Of course, if you just plain like the awesomeness of the 215 then go ahead and add it to your kitchen. Anybody walking through your kitchen is sure to be amazed by how cool this thing is. Also, don’t forget to shop around on places like to get the best price possible.