best vacuum sealer for sous videThe best vacuum sealer for sous vide means getting one that is reliable and will get you perfect results every time (or at least most of the time). A reliable sous vide vacuum sealer will determine the difference between the perfect dish and complete failure.

With so many different options and sous vide vacuum sealer reviews out there, what should you look for? What should you stay away from? I’ll tell you all about it below.

Let me also make it easy on you and let you know that the Sous Vide Supreme VS3000 is the one, the best, and what you need (thus making it the one that I’ll be reviewing here). Sure there are other vacuum sealers, but none of them were made specifically for sous vide cooking. The Sous Vide Supreme VS3000, however, was designed and created specifically for it. That isn’t the only reason why though.

What to Look For & What to Avoid

Here’s what you need to look for (and what to avoid) when choosing the best vacuum sealer for sous vide:

  • The vacuum
    • How is the vacuum?
    • Avoid anything that does a poor job at vacuuming the air out.
    • Will it eliminate the air without crushing the food?
    • Manual pulse control is perfect for avoiding this problem.
  • The seal/sealing bar
    • Does it make a strong seal?
    • The seal is just as important as the vacuum.
    • Avoid anything that makes a weak seal.
    • Will the seal hold?
    • A weak seal will not hold throughout the cooking process and failure means your dish will be ruined, so steer clear of anything with this issue.
  • Moisture & liquid handling.
    • Can it vacuum and seal vegetables, meats, etc. that has moisture?
    • Directly affected by the sealing bar. Avoid anything that has a weak sealig bar because it will not be able to handle a little liquid/excess moisture very well.
    • Can it handle meats that have liquid marinades?
    • Being able to handle meat means being able to handle a little liquid. Again, avoid anything that can’t handle liquids from meats.
  • Is it easy to use?
    • How easy is it for manual control like pulse control and forced seal?
    • Avoid vacuum sealers that does not offer these options, or makes it hard.
  • Is the cost reasonable?
    • This is especially important if you’re just starting out, or intend to use it at home only.
    • Avoid spending hundreds of dollars. There are options under $200 that will do the job just fine.

VS3000 Quick Overview

VS3000 Quick Overview





      Ease of use







            • Built specifically for sous vide cooking.
            • Strong vacuum.
            • Reliable seals that won't break during cooking.
            • Affordable.


            • None if you're loooking for for a sous vide vacuum sealer.
            • Leaves some room to be desired if you're planning to use it for long term food storage.

            Lets Look at the Sous Vide Supreme VS3000

            Let’s that a look at the VS3000 vacuum sealer made by Sous Vide Supreme and why I think it’s the best sous vide vacuum sealer. I’ll be reviewing it using the same criteria I listed above about what to look for and what to avoid.

            How is the vacuum?

            The VS3000 is built with a powerful vacuum that eliminates the air from the bag. You won’t get air pockets that cause unevenly heated food. You never have to choke down overcooked meat again. Every bite is filled with flavor, juices, and tenderness.

            What about more delicate foods?

            The vacuum packs the power when needed. However, you have complete control of it. You can turn it down when vacuum sealing more delicate foods. The easy to use vacuum suction can be controlled with a simple press of a button.

            How is the seal & will it hold?

            Sous vide cooking can take time. If the seal fails and the bag opens halfway through then everything goes to waste. A reliable seal is just as important as a good vacuum. To address this concern, Sous Vide Supreme made the VS3000 with an extra wide sealing bar. Not only is it extra wide for a larger and more durable seal, it is extra powerful too. In fact, the bar can get so hot that it can burn through cheap bags. Quality bags (the ones you should be using anyways) are perfectly sealed with no problems whatsoever. You can rest assured that you won’t get any surprises when you’re ready to serve.

            Can it handle most foods and liquid marinades?

            Foods with moisture and liquids are always a concern with vacuum sealer in general and sous vide cooking in particular. That’s because moisture and liquids are largely responsible for poor seals. The VS3000 comes with a moist setting for an extra strong seal that can handle moist foods. It can also handle liquids such as marinades, etc. Don’t expect it to do well with a lot of liquids like soups though. No vacuum sealer short of a chamber vacuum sealer can handle liquids without problems. However, we’re looking for vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking, not soups. It works perfectly for sous vide.

            Is it easy to use?

            It doesn’t get any easier to use than the VS3000. Even you’re great grandma would have no problem using it. You just have to push it down until it clicks. After that it will lock and do its thing automatically. All the settings can be changed with the simple buttons located on the right side.


            Cost is an important factor to us average cooks. We can’t afford to drop almost $1,000 on a chamber vac. We would like to save as much as possible, but we don’t want something that doesn’t work. We’re well aware of what happens when you cheap out. So the price range was set for the $100 range. The Sous Vide Supreme VS3000 fits perfectly into this range. It’s affordable, and hangs right around that $100 range (if you know where to shop), but it doesn’t sacrifice performance for the price.


            If you’re serious about sous vide cooking and you’re not ready to drop a grand on a chamber vac, then the Sous Vide Supreme VS3000 is what you need. The vacuum is perfect. The seal is reliable and holds. It can handle moisture and liquid marinades. It’s easy to use, and it’s affordable. All of that makes it the best vacuum sealer for sous vide. I recommend shopping for some of the best prices around.