ary vacmaster vp115 reviewThe Vacmaster vp115 by Ary is the upgrade to its entry level chamber vacuum sealer, the 112. They kept everything that it made great and fixed all the minor problems it had…but should you buy it? I’ll answer that question with this review. I’ll look at the improvements and determine if they are worth your money, or if you should consider other options. I’ll also review any additional problems, or concerns you need to know about. After all, I want make sure you know as much as possible about the VP115 Vacmaster before you decide if it’s the right chamber vac for you.

Here are some of the things I looked because they’re important when considering a chamber vacuum sealer for heavy home use:

  • Cost
  • Liquids & moisture
  • Seal
  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • Will the lid crack?

VP115 Quick Overview

VP115 Quick Overview







        Ease of Use



          • Great with liquids like soups & marinades
          • Bags are cheap
          • Strong seals that won't fail
          • Low profile fits your counter easily


          • High cost, but worth it if you can afford it


          What’s Good

          Vacuum seal liquids like a $3,000 machine for a fraction of that

          This unit handles liquids just as well as the higher priced chamber vacuum sealers costing a couple thousand dollars–except it won’t cost anywhere near that. In fact, the price difference between the 115 and the 112 is usually less than $100 if you shop around on places like Amazon.

          How it does this is kind of cool actually. You close the lid and seal the chamber. Then the vacuum pump sucks out all the air from the chamber. Because the chamber is vacuumed instead of the bag, the air pressure remains the same both inside and outside the bag. That means the liquid stays put and isn’t pushed out or drawn out.

          The unit is powered by a maintenance free dual piston pump. It can handle any home application without a hitch. It was built for heavy use, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the unit to cool down before vacuum sealing the next bag.

          Get two seals every time

          This upgrade from the VP112 is built with an 11.5″ seal bar. It’s half an inch shorter compared to the VP112, but the seal bar has two seal wires that make two seals every time. Trade off an almost unnoticeable half an inch for another seal? Sounds like a wining tradeoff to me. The seal bar is just as good as the next upgrade after this one too (which is a few hundred dollars more).

          What exactly does it mean to have two sealing wires? It means you seal the bag twice with every seal. Having two seals reduces wasted food because if one seal fails then you’ll still have the second one to keep your food fresh and freezer burn free. Two is better than one when it comes to seals made on a bag. The seal is twice as strong as any other seals that don’t use two wires.

          Perfectly sized to sit on your counter top

          The vp115 will take up about as much space as a microwave. It even sits a bit lower. The lid can be opened fully under a standard cupboard. It easily sits on the counter top and can be used without hitting the cupboards hanging above.

          Being able to leave it out on the counter is a big plus because moving it around can be difficult. The unit itself weights a little over 50 pounds. So while it is indeed lighter than many other chamber vacs, it is still too heavy to be moving around on a regular basis. You won’t want to be putting it away and pulling it out every time you need to vacuum seal something (unless you’re trying to do a little bit of weight lifting).

          If you think you’ll be moving the unit around a lot then make it easier on yourself and get a kitchen cart with wheels. It’ll be a lot easier to move the 50 pounds vacuum sealer around the kitchen when it’s sitting on a cart with wheels.

          It’s easy to use

          The Ary Vacmaster vp115 is easy to use. Vacuuming can be as easy as just shutting the lid, but you do have full control of the vacuum and seal bar. Everything can be controlled and done with 5 simple buttons. You really won’t need that instruction manual this time (although it doesn’t hurt to quickly glance it over).

          Controlling the vacuum gets even easier with the easy-to-read pressure indicator built right next to the control buttons. Using it lets you get the perfect vacuum for the job every time.

          Another thing that makes the vp115 easier to use is how easy it is to keep it maintained. Some chamber vacuum sealers use a pump that requires regular oil changes. Not the vp115. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of oil changes because it uses a dual piston pump that doesn’t need any oil.

          Don’t just blindly order one of those sizes though. The best size for your needs will vary depending on what you’re using it for. Before you commit to buying a specific size in bulk, you might want to consider buying a sample pack first. It’ll include several sizes in smaller quantities. After using the various sizes, you’ll get a better idea of which size will work best for your needs.

          The Bad

          These aren’t necessarily things that make this chamber vac sealer bad. They’re more like concerns, but I feel you should know about them anyways since this is a vacmaster vp115 review after all.

          Uses slightly smaller bags

          The VP115 can use bags up to 11.5″ x 13″. As mentioned earlier, the seal bar is half an inch shorter than the one in the 112 (which is 12″). Not being able to use 12″ bags isn’t really a deal breaker though. Almost everything you would like to seal will easily fit into an 11.5″ bag. Most users don’t even use bags that wide anyways. They’ve found that all they need are the popular 10 x 13 and the 8 x 12. They can be purchased in packs of 1,000 to save more on cost per bag.

          You probably won’t even notice the differences. Besides the smaller size makes it fit your counter top better anyways.

          If you’re curious or just want to compare yourself, here are the exact dimensions:


          • Chamber Width 11 3/4 Inches
          • Chamber Depth 11 1/2 Inches
          • Chamber Height 4 Inches


          • Chamber Width 11 Inches
          • Chamber Depth 12 Inches
          • Chamber Height 5 Inches

          The Biggest Concern

          The entry model below this one, the Vp112, had one major concern and that was the cover. It was made of plastic, so many early users were complaining about cracks developing in the lid because it wasn’t sturdy enough. Is this unit, the upgrade, also susceptible to the same problem? Let’s take a look at that.

          Unlike the VP112, the lid on this model is thick and sturdy. It feels like it could last forever. You can even see through it because it has a window made of thick, heavy duty glass. Unless you take a hammer to it or something along that line, it won’t be cracking from normal wear and tear.

          The window is a very nice feature because it lets you see exactly where the bag is sitting and how the vacuum process is going. This makes it way easier to know when to force seal and avoid crushing more delicate items like bread. As soon as the vacuum gets to where you want it, just push the seal button and it’s done.


          The cost to upgrade to the Ary Vacmaster VP115 from its lower entry model can be significant. If you already have the 112, there’s really no need to upgrade. If don’t have a chamber vacuum sealer yet, and you’re looking to buy one (and if it’s within your budget) then buy the VP115 Vacmaster from Ary. It’s worth the extra cost for something that will fit better on the counter, is more durable, and makes a much more reliable double seal. Just make sure you shop from a reliable place like Amazon for the best prices, unmatched customer service and no hassle returns (just in case you need to do so, but I honestly don’t see why you would).