ary vacmaster vp112The Ary Vacmaster VP112 chamber vacuum sealer gives us home users the chance to get commercial quality results at a fraction of the cost. It handles liquid & moisture better than any of the other suction vacuum sealers. If you’re ready to step into the higher realm of chamber vac sealers, the VP112 vacuum sealer is the perfect entry point.

However, despite it being the most affordable of its kind, it still has its drawbacks–or in other words, bad things about it. In this review you’ll find out what’s bad about it as well as what’s good about it; so you can make an informed decision about whether it will be a worthwhile buy for you.

VP112 Quick Overview

VP112 Quick Overview







        Ease of Use



          • Great for meats, soups and other liquids
          • Bags are cheap
          • Reliable seals with a powerful 12 inches sealing bar
          • Easy to use & clean up
          • Fits your counter with its low profile


          • Plastic cover
          • Unit costs a little more

          What’s Good

          Let’s start off with the good and take a look at what the Vacmaster VP 112 chamber vacuum sealer has to offer you. If you’re just interested in knowing what’s bad about it, jump straight to that section by clicking here.

          Liquids are not a problem

          You can vacuum seal:

          • Soups
          • Stews
          • Marinades
          • Marinated meats
          • Sauces
          • Even just water

          If you’ve ever used a standard vacuum sealer like a FoodSaver, then you know it can’t handle liquids and moisture. There are tricks that you can try (like freezing it first). But even after going through all that extra work and wasted time, it still isn’t perfect. It would be nice to be able to vacuum seal marinated meats without going through all that hassle right? And get perfect results almost every single time too.

          The VP112 Ary vacuum sealer can handle any liquid without a hitch. The whole chamber is vacuumed, so the pressure is the same inside and outside the bag. The bag won’t depress and the vacuum won’t draw the liquid out of the bag while vacuuming. The bag will only depress after it is sealed and the pressure is drawn out of the chamber.

          Raw meats are easy

          With a standard vacuum sealer, you would have to dry your meats before you can vacuum seal them. Then you have to very carefully watch it to make sure the vacuum doesn’t draw any juices or blood too close to the sealing bar. Once it gets close, you have to force seal it right away. Not doing so usually ends in failed seals. That’s a lot of time wasted preparing and a lot of effort used.

          The VP112 Vacmaster lets you can skip all that work. You save a lot of prep time because you can just drop the meat into the bag, close the chamber cover, wait a few seconds, and you’re done. It’s that easy to vacuum seal meats and other foods with a lot of moisture/juices. You won’t have to spend hours to vacuum seal bulk meat. The time you save makes it well worth the investment.

          Vacmaster 112 bags are cheap

          Let’s be honest here. Bags for regular vacuum sealers are expensive. In the long run, you end up spending enough money on bags to buy a whole new vacuum sealer. It can end up costing you over 50 cents per bag. Bags for chamber sealers like the VP112 are way cheaper. Purchased in bulk, it can be as low as 5 cents per bag or lower. That’s 10 times cheaper! Amazon has very affordable prices for bags.

          Longer freezer life

          Throw out less food. You get longer freezer life with the VP112 Vacmaster chamber vac. The stronger vacuum means less air in the bag & your stuff lasts longer. That means you get less freezer burned food that you have to throw away.

          Adjustable vacuum and seal

          You have total control of how long you want to vacuum and how long the sealing bar heats up. Both are easily controlled through simple buttons (a three year old would have no problem using it). There’s even a one press stop button for absolute control of the vacuum.

          vp112 best priceLower profile than other chamber vacs

          The Ary VP112 sits a little lower than other chamber vacuum sealers. It was designed this way, so you can let it sit out on a standard two feet countertop. The lid opens up to about 14 inches in height. This lets you open it without hitting the cabinets hanging above. With its smaller profile and lighter weight, the Vacmaster 112 portable chamber vacuum sealer compared to other chamber vacs.

          Large sealing chamber

          It has a large sealing chamber with a 12 inch seal bar. You can easily fit a 12″x14″ bag in the chamber. You can vacuum seal a large roast without any problems.

          It’s not too picky about bags

          Ary vacuum sealers are not as picky about bags. You don’t have to buy the same brand of bags as the vacuum sealer. Any plastic, or mylar bag can be used. You can even seal two bags at once if the two bags don’t overlap on the sealing bar.

          What’s Bad About it

          The Ary Vacmaster VP 112 is an incredible machine for its price, but it isn’t perfect; nothing is perfect. I would be lying to you if I told you it didn’t have any flaws. There are a few minor things that I’d like to pick at.

          The cover is plastic

          The biggest concern with this model is the cover. It is made of plastic, so it I feel it isn’t going to be as sturdy. But what do I know though right? I’m not an engineer, just a picky consumer like you. It seems like it can potentially crack more easily. Some users have even reported getting tiny cracks in the plastic cover that lead to a weakened vacuum. However, after some digging around it did turn out the cracks were caused by improper handling.

          Ary recommends users open the cover on both sides with both hands. Users who experienced the cracks were opening the lid from one side only. That was a while back though. The manufacturer has since improved on the lid design and released a new and improved lid. It is now sturdier and more resistant to cracks. I think that if it’s handled as recommended, cracks in the lid can be avoided. If the lid does ever crack due to wear and tear, it can be replaced by the user without any special tools, or skills. Not having to send the unit in is a big plus.

          Hot liquids are tricky

          One drawback to chamber vacs in general is sealing warm or hot liquids. When pressure is reduced, the boiling point also drops. That means if you vacuum seal warm or hot liquids, it might boil and pop the bag; resulting in a mess. This is easily avoidable though. You just have to wait a little and let the liquid cool down first. Yes it can be a nuisance, but it is still way better than failed seals, wasted bags, and wasted food. It’s barely an issue, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

          Recommendation: Buy It If You’re Ready For a Chamber Vac

          If you need a vacuum sealer that can handle liquids and moisture, there’s no better choice than a chamber vacuum sealer. If you want one and you’re on a budget, the Ary Vacmaster VP112 is the most affordable choice that will give you the results you need. If you have a higher budget, you may want to consider the higher end model for a little more power. Finding the best price can often be found on Amazon, so I highly recommend you check for prices there.